Poly International
Dr. Barthel International Consultancy

Types of Projects

We've worked on many projects and here is a sample of some of the work we've done for clients:

Advice on market development for exhaust gas meters in China and the United Arab Emirates
Market assessment and partner evaluation in the field of water and heat metering in Chinese households
Market research and partner evaluation for the introduction of additives for the paper industry in China, Canada, South East Europe and Kazakhstan
Market assessment and preparation of the launch of hospital equipment in China
Analysis of the market and partner evaluation for decentralized wastewater treatment plants in China (Public-Private-Partnership Project)
Market assessment for the application of laser materials processing equipment in China and exploration of potential agents
Coaching a Chinese company in entering the German market for castings
Market research and partner evaluation for the introduction of a technology for production of foundation layers for road construction in Vietnam
Market assessment and identification of business opportunities for helicopter transmission systems in China
Market assessment and searching for representatives for electronic test systems in China
Market assessment and partner evaluation for environmentally-oriented laboratory services in China
Mergers & Aquisitions project regarding rotor blades for wind turbines in China
Market assessment and partner evaluation for grain processing in China and exploring opportunities for import of grain from Kazakhstan
Coaching for the export of coating systems to India
Searching for the readjustment of the market presence for testing equipment in China
Partner evaluation and marketing strategy for the export of grain milling equipment to Kazakhstan, design and construction of the Kazakh-German Center for innovative technologies in grain processing
Coaching for order execution for the supply of air compressors to Russia
Preparation for the launch of medical imaging technology in China - market research, partner determination, design of market entry
Preparation and monitoring of the AEO-F certification for a German company in the metallurgy
Reorganization of the customs and preference management in a German company to obtain customs authorizations and the AEO-C Certification