Poly International
Dr. Barthel International Consultancy

Our experience - your benefit

With about 30 years of international business activity, including many years in exports of industrial plants and equipment and in international market research, we support our customers

sharp perspective - with foresight - in compliance with the law - based on sound market information - prepared cross-culturally

to organize international business activities professionally, to identify and to manage risks thereby avoiding "faux pas"  and pitfalls.

What we contribute through advanced training and coaching to you managing international projects as are

a wide range of practical experience with overseas projects
thorough market research as the basis of our consultancy
the profound art of international business practice , legal and commercial tools for successful management of foreign business
advice on the legal requirements regarding the handling of foreign trade, customs and sales tax laws with a sense of proportion
last but not least the cross-cultural competence to deal with foreign business partners and to be aware of how their mentalities can be a dertimining factor to the successful outcome of a project.

Dr. Wolfgang Barthel

Born 1954

Graduated economist, PhD

Years of practical activities in international business

Scientific studies on international marketing

Student education and management training

Project manager in international market research

Corporate coach und trainer for international business management

Since 1999 holder of 
Poly International
Dr. Barthel International Consultancy